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Memory Wall

Listed below are all of the names and birthdates/due dates of precious babies

who were lost due to miscarriage, pregnancy, or infant death.

We remember with you.


If you'd like to add your child to this list, simply email us at and we'll do our best to add your name within 48 hours.

"There is no foot too small that it cannot leave an imprint on this world."


1.1.18 :: William Andrew Barrett

1.5.16 :: Andres Thiago Velez


1.6.17 :: John Ellis Naff

"Our hearts will carry you forever. We love you our sweet angel baby. Until we meet again in heaven."

Love, Mommy, Daddy & Baylis

1.11.16 :: Newton Bain Maes

1.16.12 :: Parker Arden Schroeder

"Thank you for your precious life and leading me to grow your legacy organization, Parkers Purpose."

1.24.15 :: Camille Jones

"You are loved our sweet Angel"

1.30.19 :: Rose Evangeline Roman




2.3.15 :: Kollyns Grace Hyder

"We love and miss you with every ounce of our existence, sweet girl. We love deeper because of you. We can’t wait to spend eternity with you. Love, Mommy, Daddy, and Kason” 

2.11.03 :: Samuel Dial

"Loved Forever"

2.11.19:: Baby Collins

"Remembered on your due date, always"

2.14.03 :: David Dial

"Loved Forever"


2.20.15 :: Olivia Lynn Aldredge




3.7.17 :: Baby "Poppy" HeLal

"You are so very loved, little angel."


3.16.09 :: Mia Ny'cole Browder

3.19.17 :: Lawrence Joseph Abernathy

"St. Lawrence Joseph, pray for us."

3.28.12 - 10.1.12 :: Cullin Darden Limer




4.3.12 :: Jacob Macklyn Langley

"Forever our only baby boy. We love you and miss you every day."

4.6.18 :: John West Cleary


4.8.16 :: Cora Lou Boyd

4.8.17 :: Baby Burton

4.8.20 :: Remington Benjamin "RemiBen" Walker

RemiBen, you were far too perfect for this world. We will forever love you and carry you in our hearts. Keep watching over us sweet boy. -

We love and miss you. Mommy, Daddy and your big sisters (McKenzi & FayLyn)

4.9.16 :: Baby Johannes

Forever in our hearts!

4.17.16-3.7.17 :: Ryker Lee McCarter

"You were my one and only son/child. You will always hold my heart baby boy."

4.21.19 - 5.7.19 :: Jacob Douglas Almonte

Our sweet boy, you were worth every single moment. We love you past the moon and miss you beyond the stars.

4.22.20 :: Riley Angel Paulk

"We now have this light shining in our hearts..." 2 Corinthians 4:7

We can't wait to hold you again in Heaven and we will always love you, our precious angel girl. 

Love, Mommy, Daddy and big sister Georgia James

4.25.16 :: Carroll Grace Posey

4.29.13 :: Riley Paige Maxwell

"Love you RileyRoo!"




5.12.18 :: Elias DeLuz Pedraza Quintana

5.19.18 :: Wyatt Austin Kelley

"Too beautiful for earth" - Mommy & Daddy will love you always."

5.27.14 :: Alona Denise Holiday

"We love you Alona Mae"

5.27.15 :: Hudson John Schlieve

5.27.17 :: Abel Jameson Parker

5.29.18 :: Lillian James Ziegler

"You are the brightest star in our sky." Love, Mommy, Daddy & Hadley


5.31.18 :: Nolan McKay Thiel




6.6.17 - 6.15.17 :: Samuel McKay Thiel

6.12.19 :: Charlotte "Charlie" Alexandria Muilenburg

6.13.19 :: Ethan Michael Hutto

6.14.19 :: Logan Lamar Young

6.15.20 :: Noah James Campbell

Every good and perfect gift is from above, James 1:17

6.18.18 :: Hayden Geary Mapes

6.23.15 :: Rhett Andrew Irwin




7.3.17 - 9.22.17 :: Rhett Matthew Sullivan

7.10.18 :: Hayes Thomas Horner

"Born into the arms of Jesus. We miss you so."


7.11.13 :: Austin Putnam White

Stillborn at 28 weeks, welcomed his sister Chloe in Heaven and missed every day.

7.13.17 :: Lucy Elena Lozier

7.19.18 - 7.20.18 :: Nolan Zane Garcia

"My precious Nolan. Some people wish to one day meet an angel, and I was lucky to be able to hold mine. You will forever be in my heart until I can hold you again in heaven. You never left God’s sight. Mommy and daddy love you very much...and your big brothers Bubba & Jakey too."

7.28.17 :: Thomas Bodie Young

7.30.18 :: Dallas Jay Camp




8.1.16 :: 'Peanut' McKay Thiel

8.1.20 :: James Marshall May

8.4.10 :: Kayson Gray Clifton​

8.8.19 :: Phineas Craig Bailey​

8.21.09 :: Sterling Aether Schutte

"Our hearts will forever be joined"​

8.26.15 :: Holder Ferguson





9.13.17 :: Grayson Scott Aubry

9.24.14 :: Amelia Everly Miner

9.30.14 :: Greyson Lewis Edwards





10.6.18 - 10.7.18 :: Charles "Charlie" Ewing

10.14.14 :: Riley Kaye-Marie Repasi

"We will never stop loving you baby girl. You forever hold a special place in each of our hearts. Until we meet again beautiful angel."​

Love, Mommy, Daddy & Easton

10.27.14 :: Alexander Raphael Peymani

"Beloved twin, brother, son. Our brilliant star"​

10.30.19 :: Baby Boy Thiel

10.31.19 - 11.2.19 :: Caroline Gayle Lemoine





11.11.10 :: Samuel Contreras

"My sweet boy...there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of you"​

11.16.17 - 12.10.17 :: Cameron John Cole

11.19.15 :: Sydney Elizabeth Ballog

11.27.19 :: Chloe Elise White

Stillborn at 37.5 weeks, joining her brother Austin in Heaven and missed every day.





12.13.15 :: Emma Rose Gonzalez

12.12.14 :: Piper Ellis Thompson

"We miss and love you so much, sweet baby girl. Until we meet again."​

12.29.15 :: Adele Alice McCarthy

"Forever loved. Forever missed."

12.30.08 :: Jayden Henry Boone

"Stillborn at 39 weeks."

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